Hey if you have a stash of cash---maybe in your cookie jar, or dresser drawer---you could have done something special with it---that IS---IF it totaled $4 million dollars.  For Bill Gates that is pocket change, but for the rest of us..that's big bucks!


The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday February 2nd, and all of the commercial time for the game, airing on the FOX TV Network has sold out.  And how pricey is is this year you ask?   Advertisers are paying up to $4 million for a 30-second spot, up from $3.8 million last year.  It's obvious that those ad buyers believe they are getting lots of bang for their buck. The price of commercial time for the game, the most expensive on TV has gone up---42% in the last decade.  30 seconds for $4 million dollars.  That equates to $133,333 a second.  Pricey if you ask me!! (Wall Street Journal)