This should come as no surprise for North Dakotans - the weather is going to change and change in a big way this coming weekend. Before an Arctic front drops temperatures to near zero and wind chills much lower, we could break some very old records for daytime high temperatures for Bismarck-Mandan for the start of the work week, Monday and Tuesday.

According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, the daytime highs could get up to 60 degrees. Let's not forget, it's January.

Strangely enough, the East Coast is bracing for a historic event of another type. Over a foot of snow, very cold and blizzard conditions are expected for the start of the week in New York City and along the coast.


Travelers flying out of Bismarck may experience the possibility of delayed or even canceled flights in and out of the east region. Check with your airline carrier.

Locally, timing is preliminary on the arrival of the Arctic air for the weekend. Be sure to follow the weather forecasts and stay up-to-date of changing weather conditions going into the weekend.