According to AAA, lots of us will be doing road trips to see family and friends If you are preparing to brave the traffic, here are some helpful tips to get you to your destination with minimal stress.

Plan your route and departure times. You can avoid predictable traffic delays if you consider driving after 8 p.m. or before dawn when less people are on the road. Pack pillows and blankets and let the kiddies nap the drive away.

Pack for passengers' entertainment. This is especially important if you are traveling with children. Fun travel games and a portable DVD player will help keep kids entertained. Road trip mixes and audio books can appeal to all age groups as well.

Prepare for the worst. Always be prepared for a flat tire, car accident or dead cell phone. Be sure to let family or friends know your itinerary including the exact route and arrival times.

Bring road friendly foods. Instead of wasting time stopping to eat unhealthy foods and spending unnecessary money, bring healthy, easy to eat snacks that won't spoil during hours of driving.

Dress comfortably.