Guess I'm a "lucky" guy----I still have my  hair---no combover...but sometimes I will admit I'm a little jealous of some of the guys on the big and little screen and the great head of hair that they show to the world.

Celebrity hunks are best known for their good looks and amazing bodies, but let's not forget good hair! You know, the kind of hair you just want to run your fingers through in all its tousled beauty! Here are some celeb men who seriously give good hair:

Patrick Dempsey: McDreamy's hair is so awesome it could have a successful acting career all on its own!

Brad Pitt: Long or short his golden blond locks are so pretty, and so is his face.

Bradley Cooper: It's just long enough to be sexy but still sophisticated.

George Clooney: His hair has started fashion trends.

Robert Pattinson: His messy bed head is his best accessory.

Gerard Butler: OK, this hottie has a fan tribute video on YouTube just for his hair.

Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man has some seriously amazing locks! (More)