One of the jobs I had before I worked on the radio was at a McDonalds in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle.   How about you?   Ever do a little work at a fast-food place? The best thing I learned from that job--primarily working the counter was learning how to count change, and it's still something that serves me well today!

If you’ve ever had a job working in fast food, you know a lot goes on that customers never see – nor would want to see. Some of the terrible stuff that goes on in fast food restaurants:


The Five-Second Rule – Workers are moving at a frantic pace, so stuff falls on the floor from time to time. It gets put back in the sandwich box or wrapper – and served.

Spit in Food – Depending on how poorly management treats employees, there’s a chance some workers are disgruntled, feeling powerless against "the man." So, they lash out by sabotaging customers’ food.

Drug Dealing – The fast-paced environment and constant traffic make for the perfect cover for all sorts of illicit activities. Want proof? Google the phrase "drug arrest at fast food restaurant" and you get 56 million results.

Robberies – Lots of cash transactions and low-level employees make fast food places a great target for thieves. (