I love pro football, been to a number of games over the years...including seeing the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Oilers (YES--The Oilers before they moved to Nashville), and the Seattle Seahawks.  Last weekend wrapped up the first weekend of pre-season games.  Seattle looked good clobbering San Diego, and the Vikings fell to a really good team--the Houston Texans.    Green Bay lost and so did Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.


And all NFL fans are understandably jacked about their teams. One way to know which NFL teams are generating the most excitement is to check out the prices of tickets on the secondary market--like Stubhub.com, or people that own season tickets, may not be able to use them each week and offer the tickets up for sale on line.   I've got tickets that way before and sometimes it's really affordable, but some teams will be pricey this upcoming season--check this out:

Here are the teams that had the greatest change in average ticket prices from last year to this year---and the percentage of the increase and for a couple of teams---their fans are really gonna have to shell out the bucks:

5. Washington Redskins (+24 percent)

4. Indianapolis Colts (+49 percent)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+53 percent)

2. Seattle Seahawks (+54 percent)

1. San Francisco 49ers (+67 percent) (USA Today)