We all want that perfect job---me?  From the time I was 3 years old, wanted to be on the radio---like my dad, so I am blessed---well---here's yet another gig you may want to go for and this is a bit off the beaten path I'd say!  If you spend all day looking up cat videos, well … you should probably be prepared to be fired. But the good news is that there are jobs that want to hire you to do exactly that.


A creative agency called Taylor Herring is looking for a “cat video technologist.”

They ask that you have knowledge of things like:

Knowing why Ryan Gosling won’t eat his breakfast.

Being able to spot the next big meme before it breaks.

Having a creative mind and obsessive social media habit.

If this sounds like you, I've got the address that you need to get that ol' resume off to doay----Email your resume and Vine video to recruitment@taylorherring.com by June 21st.  Better hurry---time is running out!!

And of course----Good luck!