How do you start your day?   For me--it's a quick chat with God--called prayer, then a shower, brush my teeth, and then get stuff ready for my show, and yes--I'm up early usually around 3:10 in the morning.   What I can tell you is this---IF you start your morning by checking your email or maybe turning on your TV---that's NOT a good way to start your morning off healthy!!



I have a list of good morning habits that are a much better idea than grabbing your cellphone or hitting up your computer; 


Wake up nice and early--not 15 minutes before you have to be at work!!

Drink a glass of water

Get some sunshine when you can

Pray and/or meditate

Stretch and maybe a little exercise!!!

And of course wake up with your "Early Morning Radio Pal" J.J. Hemingway at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table!!!(Jezebel)