You might be crazy about your significant other, but you do love them enough to hug round the clock for 24 hours non-stop???


Here are some of my personal favorite world records that make me think of love, romance and  that little guy with a diaper on and loaded full of arrows---Cupid!!

•)The Longest Hug on record lasted 24 hours, 33 minutes

•)How about the Longest Kiss: wow--it lasted 58 hours, 33 minutes

•)Most Hugs Given by someone in a 24 hour period: 8,709

•)How about the Most Marriage Vow Renewals – Same Couple: 101 times

•)And last but not least---how about---The Longest Dance Marathon By A Couple: it lasted a total of 35 hours,

Ain't Love Grand????  (Your Tango)