You know I have to admit---I love my cable TV.   But in reality there are only so many channels that I actually watch.  I have over 250 to choose from and to me that is way too many.  IF I had my way, I wish Cable TV was regulated the way it is up in Canada, where the consumer actually gets to pick and choose the channels they want.  I think that is brilliant.  Let's say we could choose 25 channels to watch.  That would  make a lot more sense and I'll bet even more affordable.   Me?  I'd take the network channels, ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC.   And some of the cable channels like Fox News, Turner Classic Movies, AMC, Fox Sports, ESPN, SyFy, Inspiration, TNT, TBS, USA, Hallmark Movie Channel, Me TV, Discovery, History and True TV.   I'd be pretty much VERY HAPPY with those, how about the average person??


Nielsen--the TV ratings service says that even though people to have more viewing options, people seem to keep watching the same number of channels.  This Nielsen report says that the average TV watcher pretty much sticks to 17 channels--even though they may have more than 200 to choose from.   Researchers think that new options like Hulu and Netflix, plus social media--like You Tube, is why people are tuning into a low number of TV channels.    Again, the idea of picking and choosing would be as I say "Most Kewl!!!"