The quick answer, NONE!  We waited until after lunch to call the Recorder's office in Morton and Burleigh counties, and as of 1 PM (Friday 6/26), no same sex licenses were applied for.  **UPDATE** Sioux, Cass and Ward Counties has issues applications as of 5 PM Friday.

The Morton County office told us they are waiting on an opinion from the Attorney Generals office. The Governor's office said the state will abide by the new law. The Attorney General said the ruling's impact in North Dakota will depend on a decision from U.S. District Court Chief Judge Ralph Erickson regarding the pending cases before him.

Cass County is ready to issue marriage licenses to any same-sex couples who apply and Grand Forks County will wait on the opinion from the AG's office.

We asked the Morton County office if the process for same sex licenses would be the same process currently according to the county web-page. She said they were waiting on an opinion from the AG's office. On the other hand, Cass County Treasurer Charlotte Sandvik said that office will cross out the gender-specific words and replace them with "spouse 1" and "spouse 2" until they get new templates. It seems that an upgrade will be made to the system in North Dakota on Monday and no applications will be processed between 8-10AM.

Rob Stothard / Getty Images

The next few days should be interesting.