Moms are very special---we honored them Sunday with the annual celebration of "Mother's Day."   And with everything that mothers do, in reality it's worth a lot.


Every year does a study and they find out exactly what a stay-at-home mom should be paid in a yearly salary − and this year, the calculation is around $119,000.

The people responsible for this mothers salary survey found that the job of "mom" is actually made up of 10 different jobs  − each with a different salary. Then they calculated how many hours per week were spent on each of the particular jobs, and then they did the math.

The jobs that moms do are: housekeeper, day-care teacher, cook/chef, laundry operator, janitor, computer operator, psychologist, facilities manager, van driver, and CEO.   And I'm sure you can think of even more things that moms do!!  And in reality most mom are worth far more than $119K a year.