The snow has started to fall in the state. The Fargo area has already started to break out snow plows on the highways in the area and locally, the trucks have started to lay  sand and ice solvent to area roadways.


Locally, the Bismarck-Mandan area can expect to receive up to 6 inches of snow according to NOAA.  Areas in the Jamestown River Valley can expect somewhat more snow as well as the north counties of South Dakota.

The wind chill will be dangerously low with wind gusts up to 30 mph in some areas of the state.


A travel advisory is issued for the state with more advisories expected as the storm moves through the area.


According to the Bismarck Regional Airport, no delays are being experienced at this time, but as the storm moves through the area, you're being advised to check with your carrier as delays could be expected as a "domino" effect  as other regional hubs effected by the storm could experience delays that could effect the departures from Bismarck.