It is  4th of July weekend holiday and here we go with another top ten poll and this time, we  figure out where NoDak ranks in this poll, the most patriotic states according to 

How did come up with this list? According to the website,

To find out how patriotic each state was, we first made a list of criteria that we considered to be pretty indicative of proud Americans. Those criteria were:

  • National Historic Landmarks per Capita
  • Veterans per Capita
  • Money Spent to Fund Veterans
  • Percent of Residents That Voted in the Last Presidential Election
  • People Who Google For American Flags to buy
  • People Who List America as an Interest on Facebook

We got this data from sources including the 2012 U.S. Census, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Google Trends, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

We then ranked each state from one to 50 in each category, with one being the best possible score. We then averaged those scores into one real big score with a lower score indicating greater patriotism.


The top patriotic states are South Carolina, Wyoming, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alaska. By the way, at the bottom of the list are Minnesota, California and Rhode Island. And now, what you've been waiting for, North Dakota ranks at 36th.

Do you agree with this? After all, I would think that North Dakota is a very patriotic state. What do you think?