I use the name "J.J." on the radio and that's actually short for "Jason James," so I do use my initials instead of my given name, and J.J. Hemingway seems to stick in people's minds pretty easily.   Now, I read an article on how you can appear to be much smarter, and just may get offered a job you're applying for by using one little simple trick!!  



Seems that the very best way to come off as super inteligent on a first impression is as simple as adding your middle initial to your name.   So--open up your resume you have saved on your computer and insert that middle initial between your first and last name and, presto!  You'll be perceived as smarter than the average bear!!

It seems the research shows that people perceive others with a middle initial as having a higher social status, which makes people assume they are more intelligent and have more education.  And people in more intellectual assumption comes from.  So---use that middle initial that you were born with!!!