Everyone has days when you just don't want to face the world. But sometimes you have to suck it up, especially when you're forced to go an event or to a party alone. You're thinking you'll be all self-conscious with nobody to talk to. But that won't happen if you follow these tips:

Get your makeup done. Professional primping can make you feel more put together and confident. No need to spend money -- just go to a department store cosmetic counter!

Pre-chill. Invite a friend over for a drink before you head out (or just have a glass of wine while you get ready). Your little pre-party will help relax you.

Compliment someone! Approach another partygoer and rave about her cute purse or necklace. It not only makes her feel good, but helps you strike up a conversation.

Smile. It may sound simple, but smiling is one of the best confidence tricks out there. A friendly smile boosts your mood and makes you more accessible to other people.

This is primarily for the ladies, but guys a smile will do wonders for you too!