Well well well...I think most of us enjoy being liked by our co-workers...but if you're into annoying the crap out of your fellow humans at work--I have come up with the list of what can really chap a fanny or two or three!



Here’s a rundown of some of the best ways to get your co-workers to hate you:

      Blow up and burn food in the microwave and then DON'T clean up your mess!

      CC the boss with every email you send

      Describe your workday as “buried,” “swamped,” or “insanely busy”

      Never, ever, call in sick---OR call in sick alot

      Start saying an annoying catchphrase

      Steal credit whenever possible

      Play your music loud enough for everyone to hear(unless it is COOL 98.7!!)

     Constantly ask, "What are you up to this weekend?"