You like to keep in touch with your friends, but Facebook is sucking your time away. Here's how to "quit" -- while still staying in the loop ...

Create a disposable e-mail account -- Set up your Facebook notification on this email so you don't have to check Facebook and it doesn't clog up your regular email address.

Set up a new account and transfer your friends -- Maybe when you first joined you were overzealous and let people you hardly new be your friend. You'll have a completely clean slate.

Turn off the wall on your profile -- This way you won't have your profile covered with stupid things your friends say.

Hide your e-mail address - Do this in the "privacy settings." Why would you want the world to know your email address anyway?

Hide media tagged with your name -- This can stop tagged photos from showing up in your profile. Unfortunately, you can not control the dorky photos of you that your friend puts on their profile.

Hide yourself from Facebook and Google searches -- If you are at all interested in making yourself more private on Facebook, you probably don't want to show up in any Google searches either. This can be taken care of in the privacy settings as well.

Lock down applications (just in case) -- The darned things are so annoying anyway. Who cares if your friend bought a new cow on Farmville? You might as well turn everything off except for messages and event invitations.

Good luck with your "Facebooking," and do like Cool 98.7 on Facebook!!