In theory, the holiday season is supposed to be easy and fun. You know ... peace on earth and goodwill toward men?

Somewhere along the way, things got very complicated -- and very stressful.

Here are some ways to calm down and remain stress-free this holiday season:

Play in the Snow -- Going skiing, ice-skating, sledding and tubing aren't just great calorie burners, they're exhilarating. Researchers have found that speed and fresh air offer special benefits to the body that many other workouts don't.

Enjoy a Candy Cane -- Studies show that just the minty smell alone will pep you up to enjoy the holiday festivities.

Get Some Flowers -- According to a Harvard study, people feel better and perkier when they see a bouquet first thing in the morning, and the energy boost lasts throughout the day.

Hold Hands -- When couples were more affectionate for a month, researchers saw a dip in their stress hormones and blood pressure and an increase in a hormone thought to calm stressed nerves.