When most of us go out to dinner, we go with the intention of having a great time and enjoying a great meal. But a recent online article pointed out that what we consider to be normal table etiquette could be driving our waiter crazy.
Here are a few things you can do to really tick off your waiter:

Avoid eye contact: When you don't look at the person you're speaking to, it makes that person feel inferior. The waiter is there to take your order -- not fan you with fig leaves.
Being rude about the food. There's a difference between giving a waiter real feedback about what you didn't like about the food -- and being a total jerk about it.
Let your kids run around. Unless it's Chuck-E-Cheese or some other kid establishment, your children shouldn't be running amok.
Switch tables. If you want a different table, ask to change right away -- not when you've already gotten drinks and the waiter is in the middle of telling you the specials.
Take forever to pay the check: No, you don't have to get up immediately after you pay the check. But, remember, especially if you ate a late dinner, the waiter may be waiting for you to leave before they can go home. So please don't make them sit around waiting too long.
Ask to taste the food: The wait staff at a restaurant is generally knowledgeable about everything they serve and can describe the food to you in great detail. That being said, please trust them when they tell you what something tastes like, and don't send them running back and forth for a "sip of the soup" to see if it's to your liking.
We hope this list helps you to be a better patron. And don't worry ... for those of you who resent being told how to be a good customer, we'll do an "annoying waiter behavior" list soon enough!