Well, well, well----the beloved or dreaded first date.  I really haven't been on one since I've been here in Bismarck since July.   So this hasn't been a personal issue for me, but none the less this is a VERY interesting survey that I found courtesy of Men's Health.


200 women what they thought was appropriate ending for a first date. Here are the results ...

      52 percent want "a single kiss"

      23 percent prefer "a peck on the cheek"

      15 percent like a hug

      8 percent want to make out

     2 percent want to take it even further


I've found there is nothing worse or more embarrassing then puckering up, lean over to give a kiss goodnight on the lips, only to have her turn her head and you get the "peck on the cheek."    Usually it's pretty easy to tell if a kiss is in order or not at least that's my experience---generally!