Valentine's Day IS Thursday....Are you still looking for a gift for your special Valentine? You can't go wrong with perfume. Well, maybe you can.

Finally available in the United States – it's Eau de Pizza Hut. That's right, Pizza Hut perfume. You know the smell that slams you in the face the second you open up a hot Pizza Hut box? Well, now your special lady can smell like that.


Sure, it's a cheesy gift, but it won't cost you a lot of dough (cheese and dough, get it?). From now through today(the 13th), tweet @PizzaHut using #LastMinuteLovers – and you may get to win one of these limited-edition bottles. You'll also receive a $20 Pizza Hut gift card so you could also splurge for a nice Valentine's Day dinner.

One way or another, it's sure to be a Valentine's Day she won't ever forget. (Huffington Post)