I've been here in Bismark-Mandan for 2 months, and one thing I've noticed and really discovered first hand yesterday, is the fact you can't buy most anything--except food on Sundays before 12noon. I attend "New Song" church in Bismarck--the 9am service, and it's usually over around 1025. So I head over to Wal-Mart around 1050 this morning to get something from the deli and then I find the door is closed and locked---even though their sign says "Open 24 Hours." Then I go to the Cracker Barrel for something to eat, and they have signed posted--due to state regulations there are NO retail sales until 12noon.

Me? I'm a Christian, I attend church on Sunday mornings, but I personally feel that it IS wrong to keep businesses from selling regular items until noon on Sunday. My church is over and done around 1025, so what is wrong with me going to Wal-Mart to buy a few things? Or any other store for that matter. I could understand a Sunday ban on alcohol sales perhaps. But not being able to buy things on Sunday before noon I believe encroaches on my freedom.

I know that I am pretty much a new-comer to North Dakota, but I haven't seen "Blue Laws" in effect for over 25 years. Last time was in South Carolina in 1984 and they did away with those. For instance there on Sundays you could buy film bot not a camera, you could buy diapers, but not diaper pins. Very odd law that they realized was simply unenforceable.

Am I crazy---or "right on?" What Say You?????