Here's bit of an odd story, some experts are saying If you're a guy who grew up with a sister, not only are you more likely to know about Barbies and lip gloss, you're also more likely to become a Republican.


A new study published in the Journal of Politics says men with sisters are more likely to develop conservative views on gender roles. Researchers believe it's the fault of the parents, who often encourage daughters to take on traditional girl roles and sons to take on traditional boy roles. It's because of this that the study also suggests that men with sisters do less of the housework and expect their wives to do it.   I wonder how accurate this study is---I'm pretty conservative and I ONLY had one brother in my house growing up.  And I can think of a buddy of mine over in Montana--who make Obama look conservative and he did have a sister.  So---What Say You???? (The Frisky)