Indy Car Driver Justin Wilson is fighting for his life after getting hit in the head with a piece of debris following a crash at the Pocono Speedway over the weekend.

According to reports Justin got hit in the head from debris from Sage Karam's car, which crashed head first into the wall at the Pocono, ABC Supply  500 race Sunday.

The video is shocking especially once viewed in slow motion.

Here's how it went down, Karan with 18 laps to go, smashed into the wall nose first as Wilson  came around the turn and seems like, got hit in the head with a piece of debris from Karan's car. He went unconscious and smashed into the safety barrier.

Wilson with a nice record of completing six races this season for Andretti Auto-Sport team and has been racing on the track for 8 years. Justin Wilson is 37 years old.


**UPDATE, 9:16pm**

Justin Wilson died from his injuries sustained from this crash. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family