Had to give this one a little thought---since I do NOT have a sweetheart in my life at this present time.  But thinking over the past....when it comes to terms of endearment for someone special I have used "boo-boo," "sugar," and "sweetie."    Perhaps I will come up with something new for the future  Sweetie, Honey, and Baby are among the most popular names for Americans to call our significant others.



So how do they do it around the world?  Thought it would be fun to find out and share some with you from Your Early Morning Radio Pal!

Here are some our favorite global terms of endearment:

Little cabbage (French) – Petit chou

Pumpkin (Portugese) – Chuchuzinho

Egg with eyes (Japanese) – Tamago gata no kao

Lump of sugar (Spanish) – Terron de azucar

Little elephant (Thai) – Chang noi

Diving fish/swooping geese (Chinese) – Chen yu luo yan (BBC)