Can't believe it's been 3 decades since we turned on our TV sets and for the very first time saw a cute old lady blurt out something that really caught on---even became part of the 1984 Presidential Campaign.   Here's a little walk down memory lane for you!   LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!   Enjoy!!!

It was on January 10th, 1984 that Wendy's first aired its iconic "Where's The Beef" commercial.  It featured 3 white haired elderly ladies examining a burger.  As they raved about the large and fluffy hamburger bun, one woman----Clara Peller---81 years of age---addresses the obviously small hamburger patty pared with the bun and she demanded to know "Where's the Beef?"  That phrase caught on and was eventually  printed on a multitude of bumper stickers and other merchandise including t-shirts and was used by Vice President Walter Mondale during his ill-fated 1984 presidential campaign against Ronald Reagan.  Maybe Wendy's should bring back this campaign---maybe this time around with Betty White?  I'd love to see Betty hawking Wendy's---what say you???