Today is the day---file those taxes by midnight night---OR go to prison.   IF you don't file you may not do time at the old' "grey bar hotel," but according to Forbes magazine they have 11 last-minute tax tips for you.



•Concentrate AND Slow down. Sure, the deadline's just about here, but if you rush--the chances are, you'll make mistakes – and that could cost you money!!!

•Check your math. The computer program probably has it all added up right, but be sure you didn't for any big receipts or expenses.

•Check your numbers. Make sure your Social Security Number is exactly right.

•Don't skip questions. Even those little Yes-No check boxes can make a big difference with your tax return.

•Write neatly. If the folks at the IRS can't read it, there could be a delay in your refund.

•Make sure  you do sign your return. If you don't sign it, the IRS won't be able to process it. That IS the number-one tax-return error.

•Make sure you use the right mailing address. There's not just one central IRS mailing address – it depends on what kind of return you're filing, and where you are liviing.

•Do send in the right forms. Make sure you've attached your W-2's and 1099's.

•Don't forget your check. If you owe money on your taxes and forget to put the check in the envelope, that's the same as not filing your return

•Keep really good records. Make sure you have copies of all your forms, plus all of the receipts for all of your deductions.   Keep them in a safe place!!

•If all else fails and you can't file your return.  You can file for an extension. But if you think you're going to owe, you still need to send a check for what you estimate you have to pay.

Hopefully this advice will keep you out of jail!!!