Fleetwood Mac has released so many great songs over the years. In my humble opinon--their best album has to be the 1977 release "Rumors," and one of the most positive songs on that CD has got to be this song that Christine McVie wrote for her estranged husband at the time John McVie----they were doing through a divorce, yet had to work and play and perform together, and Christine wrote this song for John and it became a #1 song in the U.S. in the fall of 1977. I finally got to see them perform this one live in 2004....all I can say is: AMAZING!!!! You'll notice in the video that no one is having more fun than the band's namesake--Mick Fleetwood---playing the drums!! IF you have the chance to see them live---don't miss out, and it looks like they will be touring again in 2013. Hope Christinw McVie comes back out of retirement and plays again with the band!