I've been a fan of Bond.....James Bond/Agent 007 ever since I was a kid.  Sean Connery is probably the best Bond, but there's been Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and the current James Bond---Daniel Craig is excellent.  But according to some British study---James Bond IS an alcoholic.  Here's the lowdown:


Some British people scanned all 14 of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, and figured out that Bond drank an average of 92 drinks each week – which is more than--YIKES---13 alcoholic beverages each day.  Turns out James Bond drank the most alcohol in You Only Live Twice, downing nearly 226 drinks over the course of the novel – and the least in The Man with the Golden Gun, with around 40 alcoholic drinks over the course of three days.

Considering the amount of alcohol Bond drank on a regular basis, this guy should not have been able to shoot a gun with any accuracy, couldn't dis-arm a bomb, and probably couldn't have been such a good lover with the ladies. and the really sad fact is James Bon should have been dead by the age of 56!   (Time)