I've always been a fan of history and of those "what ifs."  For example, how would things have been different in the U.S. IF John F. Kennedy our 35th president never been shot?  There's a cool book coming out that I had to tell you about.  See what you think!


Baby boomers who idolized John F. Kennedy have spent a half-century wondering "what if?" Now, veteran political commentator Jeff Greenfield will attempt to answer that question in a book to be published this fall -- a month before the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. A key topic will be how Kennedy would have handled Vietnam, where a relatively small corps of U.S. advisers were stationed in 1963. Two years later, under JFK's successor Lyndon Johnson, the war escalated -- leading to the deployment of a half-million American forces to Southeast Asia.

Several historians, most notably media celebrity Doris Kearns Goodwin, will also contribute to If Kennedy Lived.  Can't wait 'til October for this book to come out!