Saturday night my buddy Ed and I headed to the Grand Theaters to do the movie deal, we decided on "Fast And Furious 6."  I have see all 5 of the previous installments of the franchise "Fast And Furious," so I wondered how good a 6th sequel could really be?


I must say this franchise is serving up just what movie-goers want---action, adventure, a star-studded cast--Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are excellent, and the other cast members play their parts brilliantly.  And of course fast cars and incredible stunt driving and a cast that continues to really make it happen.   I'd say with the high-octane humor and those terrific action scenes.  Fast and Furious 6 continues to build upon an amazingly good franchise.  For those of those who didn't see the movie---all I will tell you is at the end of "Fast And Furious 6," I'd say the door is wide-open for "Fast And Furious 7!!!"   If you want to see a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat---this is one movie that will do the trick for sure!   Out of 4 stars---I give it 3 and a half.  And I'm not the only person who enjoyed this movie---almost $100 million dollars worth of tickets were sold this Memorial Day Weekend, and this movie blasted the "Hangover Part 3" right out of the theaters!