I'm an animal lover--as a kid I had the usual dogs, cats and guinea pigs--they were fun and I learned how to care for an animal and all the responsibility that comes with it.  Well, I couldn't resist sharing this story about a couple of guys who really went above and beyond the call of duty in helping an animal---and it turned out to be a SHARK!!  Here's the TRUE story!!



Two men in Canada rescued a beached Greenland shark that was choking to death ... on a moose.  A guy  named Derek was cruising along in his car along the coast in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.   He sighted what he thought was a beached whale---NOPE!!  Turned out it was a Greenland Shark that had bitten off alot  more than t could chew---and with the help of his buddy, Derek was able to remove the moose chunk and return the Greenland Shark back to the water.    But the mystery and question remains – how exactly does a shark get hold of a big animal like a moose? According to Derek, moose hunters clean and gut their kill near where the shark was discovered.  So their throwaway scraps into the water actually provides a moose buffet for the sharks. (Outside)