Ever wonder which jobs attract those who are a bit mentally unstable---if you like call them crazy or psychopaths.   Some jobs are much more likely to attract those kind of people than other jobs.   Looks like according to some research--the job of being a good ol Corporate CEO is the one job most likely to attract those kind of people.  Lawyers are close behind coming in at #2.



What's scary is radio and television professionals come in at #3 and #4.   And if case you happen to work in one of these particular jobs(like I do).  Don't worry too much.  Being a psychopath doesn't mean you're going to be a mass murdered.  But it does mean the following:  You lie alot, don't feel a lot of guilt, have an excessive sense of self-worth, and there's a pretty good chance you are unfaithful to your spouse and will cheat at the drop of a hat!   Now you know!!(Opposing Views)