How about you---do you drink a lot of soda pop?   Me?  Rarely do I drink pop.  I drink juice big time--my favorite being Welch's Red Grape Juice.   It's refreshing and it's good for my heart!   But take that pro golfer---John Daly---he can drive the ball an amazing 350-375-400 yards---I just dream of that.   This guy has some some lifestyle changes over the past few years.   But---wow---he still smokes and packs away the Diet Coke.  Here's the lowdown:


John Daly has been clean and sober for six years. But one of the hardest things for him to give up has been his Diet Coke habit.  In a recent interview John Daly says he now only drinks about a dozen cans a day. Only a dozen, you say? Yes, that's not a lot when you compare it to what he used to consume--seriously--26 or 28 cans he says he used to drink every day.   That is more than one can of Diet Coke each hour of the day.  Daly says he would still drink that much if he could, but after having lap band surgery, it would be harmful for him.   I wonder how really serious John Daly is about his health since he still smokes about 40 cigarettes a day---that's two packs a day and that's NOT good for John or for any of us!! (Bleacher Report)