Not sure when I got bitten by the "Mashed Potato Bug," but I must say mashed is my very favorite way to eat the pride of Idaho.  


And as long as I can remember--as a child I always helped my mom--Alice Hemingway in the making of mashed potatoes---whether it be for a holiday meal like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter, or just our regular evening meal as a family.    Eventually when I moved out on my own I came up with my own winning way to make Mashed Potatoes.  And I'd thought I'd share what I do to make the most incredibly delicious Mashed Potatoes on this planet.   It's pretty simple---wash and peel the potatoes, slice them up into chunks and then boil them until they soften up a bit.   Then here's what I do--I use two different potato mashers and manually mash them---NO ELECTRIC MIXERS!   I add a good bit of butter or my personal favorite margarine---"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" (to me it tastes better than butter) and I manually mash them---until smooth.  And that's it!   I DO NOT add milk, do not salt or pepper them, and I've had nothing but rave reviews over the years and people always coming back for more.  So there you go and I hope this helps out a bit for your upcoming holiday meals---courtesy of your Early Morning Radio Pal!!

P.S.  I prefer mine without gravy and just a dab or two of extra they are yummy!!!