A buddy of mine who I love dearly--does something that drives me crazy---he drops "F-Bombs" around his young children--to me---there is NO excuse for that.  Kids are like little tape recorders and will repeat what they  hear you say in the "heartbeat of a hummingbird!"

According to a new study, children are swearing more and are starting to do so at a younger age.

Timothy Jay, a psychology professor at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts who has been studying swearing for 30 years, found that the average child now starts saying bad words between the ages of three and four -- earlier than kids did a few decades ago.

A person's peak period of swearing is during his or her teenage years, but Jay's new data suggests tweens could soon become society's most enthusiastic cursers.

Jay doesn't blame TV and movies. Instead, he believes that children are swearing more, and at a younger age, because, over the past 30 years, the adults that they mimic are swearing more, too.