This surprised me and after some thought---perhaps not.  I think kids seem to grow up so much faster.  One of the reasons why is the availability of computers and the internet---and are exposed to alot more than I was at let's say the age of 5-10.  Sometimes at a very very young age. According to a new survey, kids are getting on social media websites at a younger age than ever – and one in five "tweens" have admitted to chatting with someone online they did not know.



A full two-thirds of kids aged eight to 12 have used a social media website – and seven percent said they had shared personal information.

The survey also found that tweens use their handheld devices to access the Internet – and, on average, spend about 1.5 hours a day accessing the web.

As a parent, that seems like an impossible thing to stay on top of from morning till night.  But it's something as parents you just gotta do the best that you can!