I know you've noticed the shorter days. Labor Days for many marks the end of summer, actually the end of summer on the calendar is September 17th.

Today (9/7) our day light hours will only be about 13 hours and 20 minutes. With each passing day, we will lose 3 minutes of day light. Compare that to the summer months when North Dakota has over 16 hours of day light. The sunrise comes later and the sunset comes earlier. Have you noticed the leaves are falling off the trees. All signs that old man winter is coming to The Peace Garden State.

By the end of the month, the day will be just 11 hours and 45 minutes long. By the end of October, your looking at days of 10 hours and five minutes long. Soon, we will be in the days of dark winters with a little more than 8 hours of light each day.

Last winter for Bismarck-Mandan was mild and warmer than in previous years. If you enjoyed that warmer winter, you could get a repeat in 2015-15 and NOAA is forecasting a warmer than average temperatures for the area.


Click here for the complete weather outlook for the winter.