Don't know about you, but I do LOVE my sleep.  And usually i don't get quite enough--with having to be up in the morning around 3:30, so I can be here at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table at 5AM!  A lack of zzzzzzzzzz's can make you tired, short tempered and grumpy---AND it turns out---it really can affect the way you treat and relate to your significant other.  A study just released shows that even ONE bad night of sleep can really have negative effects on your relationships.



This study revealed that a lack of sleep can cause you to be: 

Really be alot more negative

Less likely to resolve conflicts and be in more arguments

Be short tempered

Be more selfish

But getting a great night's sleep can make your relationship BETTER!!   So---start getting your zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's   (PsyBlog)