George Weinberg, PhD, author of Why Men Won't Commit, gives us some clues that he's not over his ex ...

He compares you to her. Men who are stuck on an ex will find ways to bring her up in conversation -- even when they're complimenting you. Be wary of phrases like, "You're so much sweeter than she is." His words may sound flattering, but they indicate he's emotionally attached to his previous partner.

He flaunts your relationship. Watch out for things like him dragging you to a bar where her friends just happen to be or plastering pictures of you two on Facebook. He could be parading you around to upset her, and that kind of bitterness proves he's focused on her -- not you.

You could pass as her twin. Don't fool yourself about him having a "type." When a man hasn't moved on, he'll unconsciously seek someone who reminds him of his ex. It helps him cope when he's not ready for someone new.