Hey--I was checking out the other day at Target and the line was fairly long, so I picked up a magazine and ran across a COOL article---Ladies--IF you wanna know and learn a lot about the guy you're dating check out his refrigerator---seriously!!!



Turns out there is a guy named John Stonehill, the creator of the dating advice site Check Their Fridge, and that's John's advice.  Simply check out a guy's refrigerator and you can find out pretty much everything you need to know and here's what John says:

#1)What's he worth: There is a link between what's in a guy's fridge and his financial status.   First check out the refrigerator itself− is it a high end Sub Zero or a old classic 1970s special he got from his Grandparents before they moved to Florida?  The nicer the fridge--the better the guy is off financially.

#2)How clean is the fridge?:  If it's a mess and a disaster, his life probably is too.   It could mean that's how he lives his life.  Also worry about a man who is overly clean and organized too − that could be a warning sign for someone who isn't very flexible in life!

#3)Does he like to party?: If the fridge is packed with brewski(beer), this is a guy who likes to have fun and is ready for his buddies to come over any time.

#4)Healthy Foods: You want to see a variety of stuff in his fridge − not too much of just healthy veggies and the like and not alot of junk food--like boxes of Twinkies.  Variety means that you have found a guy who is going to be even-keeled and probably a lot of fun to hang out with. (Glamour)