Since I am your Early Morning Radio Pal----I pass along a little "Intelligence For Your Life" and play all of your favorite music in the morning at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table, and especially for you ladies--here's some easy way to life a long life!



I found some thing out from a top cancer specialists, there are some simple secrets to a healthy, long life,that include ditching those high heels, and drinking coffee or tea!

Dr. David Argus, author of A Short Guide To A Long Life, offers these tips:

Strip off your clothes – Taking a good look at yourself with no clothes on in front of a mirror will help you see any troubling changes in your body, such as signs of skin cancer.

Airport scanners – Radiation is awful, so just say no to those scanners and request a pat-down instead.

Give up the high heels – Uncomfortable shoes cause inflammation that can lead to diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and even accelerated aging.

Drink coffee or tea – I personally do this each and every morning so you waking up with a cup or two of coffee or tea offers positive benefits on your health.

Eat at the same time – You can actually reduce stress on your body by maintaining a regular eating routine each and every day of the year.

Have some kiddos - Sure---children can be a lot of work, but people who have kids are more likely to live longer than those who have no kids. (DailyMail)