When it comes to relationships---I'm currently in a great one with a girl named Sherry, and I couldn't be happier, and she and I did NOT meet on an on-line dating website like Match.com or Plenty Of FIsh.   I did try on-line dating for a number of years and I met some really nice people and some really odd people and got my heart broken BIG TIME.   On-line is the #1 way that people meet in the 21st century.   But there can be some rather glaring red flags when it comes to on-line dating that should NOT be ignored---unless you want to pay the price with your heart!!




Red flags For On-Line Dating:


•He focuses in on only one body part from your photo. A sweet comment about your eyes is one thing, but talk about your lips – and what they might do – is totally wrong and completely off limits. Remember, you're not a piece of meat.
  You're a great human being

He's wearing a fedora or some kind of other fancy hat (think Bruno Mars). Chances are, a  hat could simple mean that he IS a high-maintenance dude. Do you really want to waste part of your evening waiting for him to fix his headgear?

•He goes crazy with his want-list. Maybe you like tall guys, maybe you like 'em with a mustache or beard – but chances are you don't eliminate a guy from consideration due to just one trait. Any man who presents his dating profile like--let's say---a grocery list probably isn't worth your time.