Here's something I thought we'd all get a charge out of....Researchers have discovered that everything about you, from the color of your hair to your fashion style, can reveal your personality – without you ever speaking a word. Turns out first impressions really do pack quite a punch!

Find out what you are telling the world about yourself without uttering a word:

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Your Clothes Broadcast Your Mood: Research has shown that baggy clothes and denim are the preferred styles for people who are feeling the blues; whereas, more glammed up styles give off a happier vibe.

Your Eye Color Reveals Your Trustworthiness: A recent study proved that brown eyed people are perceived as more trustworthy than blue eyed people, regardless of gender!

Your Shoes Highlight Your Personality: A study in the Journal of Research in Personality observed that people can deduce about 90 percent of your personality just by looking at your heels. Practical shoes belonged to agreeable people, ankle boots were worn by more aggressive types, and uncomfortable looking shoes were worn by calm personalities.

Redheads Make Love More: A German study revealed that ginger locks are attention catching and conjure an image of a healthy blush, which will signal to men that you are fertile!

  If You Favor Red Lipstick You Will Make More Money: French scientists studied waitresses and determined that servers with red lipstick were tipped much more by male customers than their pink or nude lipped counterparts! (Cosmo)