For years Radio Shack was the store for radios, computers and electronics purchases.

On Thursday, the retailer filed for Chapter 11 protection and has agreed to sell up to 2,400 stores to Sprint Mobile.

On Friday, Radio Shack announced that 1,784 stores will shut down and made public the complete list of store locations and the local economies that will be affected.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

North Dakota has 2 stores on the list.

The Bismarck location in Kirkwood Mall is on the closure list and the Minot store in Dakota Square Mall is also going dark.

Minnesota has 27 locations marked for closure.

Let's face it! Times have changed. People have changed. Shopping habits are different. No doubt, internet sales on electronics has made it difficult for the 94 year old Texas base company to compete in todays shopping environment.

Just the name "Radio Shack" seems outdated.

When was the last time you shopped at Radio Shack?