As the Neil Sedaka song goes---"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do."  And we all know that It's never easy to tell someone who has feelings for you that you just don't feel the same way toward them.  And whether it happens to be someone you went on a date with that you found the chemistry just wasn't there, or maybe a guy friend that has a crush on you for awhile.   Having to reject a person without coming off like a really mean gal is tricky.  I do have suggestions how to tell that guy, that a relationship---romantically---is NEVER going to happen and how to do it in the nicest possible way. 


#1)You Have To Be Straight & Honest: It's not very easy to say what you need to say when you know someone's feelings are on the line, but it's really important. If you don't tell the guy that you don't feel the same way you'll really end up hurting this guy even more.

#2)Explain WHY That Magic Just Isn't There:  If it's as simple as liking another guy, or perhaps a total lack of desire to hold his hand, cuddle and kiss him, you need to give the man  a reason---what this will do IS give him closure, but it's just more pleasant way to tell someone you don't want to be in a dating relationship with them.

#3)DO NOT LIE OR MAKE UP EXCUSES:   Making with various excuses not to see someone or spend time with them will NOT make the problem go away, and simply avoiding someone like they're NOT alive is just plain rude. I say----put on those big girl pants and have a real adult conversation with him!

#4--MOST IMPORTANTLY---DO NOT CONTINUE TO FLIRT WITH THE GUY:   Giving a guy mixed signals continue to give them hope and light at the end of the tunnel. If you say you aren't interested, don't flirt with him because you like getting that attention from the guy.  Simply put – it's not fair to him. (GURL)