I had a question posed to me recently---and that was---do I like to bring food into my bedroom, and for me---since I live by myself----the answer is "yes!"  In fact, I probably eat in my bedroom right off of my TV tray, instead of enjoy my meal at my dining room table.  Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I enjoy eating dinner and watching a little TV in my room.   Well there was a survey taken by YourTango.com and that's what they wanted to know---IF you eat in your bedroom---what's your favorite??


The Results:

Sauces (chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce) − 25%

Whipped Cream − 32%

Fruit--especially cherries and grapes topping the list − 26%

Nothing edible in the bedroom---Thank You! − 17%

Most folks do enjoy having a beverage in their bedroom, like coffee, tea or a nightcap!  Me?  I enjoy a nice cup of hot tea, or a glass of juice!