Me?  I'm a definite meat eat---gimme a medium rare sirloin, grill porkchops, or a little grilled halibut or walleye and I am oh so happy.   But there are those who choose to abstain from meat and just enjoy veggies---that's a personal choice of course.  And from what I've read---being a vegetarian is all it's portrayed to be.   Check this stuff out!!




Researchers found that vegetarians do a better job of controlling their weight and do drink less alcohol, but they also seem to have generally poorer health, a poorer quality of life, and a much bigger need for health care than people like me who eat meat.  Vegetarians are also more than twice as likely to have allergies, have a 50 percent higher chance of suffering from a heart attack, and a 50 percent higher chance of getting cancer.

To me that's enough to make me toss a big steak on the grill and enjoy.  How about you?!?!?!?(CBS)