The flooding in South Louisiana has effect thousands of people in over 16 parishes. There are houses and business that have been totally devastated. Also suffering are the pets and the Central Dakota Humane Society is coming to the aid of one animal shelter in Louisiana.

This story is of interest to me as I am from South Louisiana and I was living in Lake Charles for Hurricane Rita and Katrina. Katrina hit Southeast Louisiana (New Orleans area) when I was living in Southwest Louisiana. Two weeks later, Rita hit Southeast Louisiana. At the time, I have taken in several animals from friends that could not take their pets into shelters from the New Orleans area. I had 3 cats, 5 dogs, plus my own dog. Sometimes in disasters like this, people must leave their animals or livestock. But in most cases, survivors will take their pets and in most cases the rescuers will allow the pets in the rescue boats.

When authorities go from home to home searching for victims, they listen for dogs barking. This alerts the search and recue of a possible victim, because most people will not leave their pets behind. Those people going through the devastation try to find safe shelter for their pets. I can speak from experience, most people will NOT leave their pets behind as most pets are considered family members. An unattended dog barking at a flooded house sometimes means a recovery effort, not a rescue.

Some refugee shelters will not allow animals for various reason, so many times, pets end up in  pet shelters.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The Central Dakota Humane Society has been in touch with the Livingston Parish Humane Society to offer assistance. CDHS is colleting several items needed for the LPHS. Some of the item needed are-

  • money
  • collars
  • Blankets
  • leaches
  • towels
  • kitty litter

You can receive more information or contact CDHS here.